Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 30 - Your favorite song

I don't ever have one favorite song.  Heck, I have several DAYS of music in my iTunes and I LOOOOOVE every single track.  But, I have favorite songs in moments... so here's one for now.

I love this song... I have a version on my iTunes that I like better, but I do love it when Michael McLean sings it.  It's a little more realistic sounding.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned?

This question feels a lot like, "What did you do on your summer vacation?" :-)  Well... too much to write about on the sheet of notebook paper you just handed me, actually.  So I'll pick a few tidbits and share them with you.

I learned that I am me.  Still, and always, ME.  I love me!  I lost me for a while there, but I found me again.  I am a happy girl, truly.  I don't like drama, and I don't try to create it.  But I do have the capacity to DEAL with said drama.  I'm happy to have my family around and I know that they'll be there for me always... no matter what.  I know just EXACTLY how lucky I am to have that blessing.  I learned that I am loved by my Father in Heaven, and that He's got a plan for my life.  Blessedly, I have received confirmation that I am indeed following that plan.  And He's proud of me.  That's an amazing feeling, really.

I have had a GOOD December.  I'm looking forward to the months and YEAR ahead!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 28 - A picture of you from last year and now - How have you changed?

July, 2010
I was at my heaviest weight, I was pretty unhappy, I was not doing well emotionally... and I wasn't telling anyone.  What a sad me!  :-(  The cool part of this picture is that roughly ten years earlier, I was standing in this exact same spot... :-)  But I was WAY cuter that time than the time pictured.  DC humidity was wreaking HAVOC on my hair.  Normally, that was a cute little pixie cut, but the humidity turned it into a fluffy "mom" 'do.  :-/  Oh well!

December, 2011
I'm happy, I'm healthy, I'm pregnant, and I'm looking forward to a new year with no mistakes in it yet!  I love my body and the amazing things it's doing.  I'm STILL a good 10-20 lbs lighter in this picture (with my 6 mo. pregnant belly, mind you) than I was in that picture from last year...  I got down to 125, my goal weight, right before I found out I was pregnant... and proceeded to drop down to around/below 120 due to morning sickness.  Don't worry, I've gained it ALL back now.  Lol!  And strangely enough, I kinda like the way I look... I don't want to keep this adorable belly around when there's no baby in it ;-) but I like it while Baby Bug's here.  :-)

Fact of the matter is, I've changed a whole heck of a lot in the last year.  I went through Hell... literally.  Rodney Atkin's knows what I mean...

That song got me through a few times.  But really, what REALLY got me through the tough times was the Lord.  I would NOT have made it without Him.  Divorce is awful.  Ask anyone who's been through one.  Not the plan, nope.  And it hurts.  And it's really hard to do when you're pregnant.  But sometimes, just sometimes, it's for the best in the long run.  Little Bug and I will be fine, and I know that for a fact, because the Lord has assured me of that on a frequent basis.

The funny thing about going through Hell, or a Refiner's Fire, or whatever you would like to call it?  You end up stronger on the other end.  :-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 27 - Why you are doing this 30 day challenge

I am doing this 30 day challenge for a number of reasons.

  1. My blog was SORELY lacking in posts.  And nobody really knew anything about me.  Lamesauce.
  2. I decided to break my "internet anonymity" by "outing" myself online.  This seemed like a good way to do that.
  3. If I truly want to have my blog printed into a book someday, it might be nice to actually have some stuff ABOUT me... :-)
  4. I like to do memes.
Yup.  That about sums it up.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 26 - What do you think about your friends?

Honestly... that about sums it up.  :-)  My friends, like the Muppets, are an eclectic bunch.  They're a little weird, a little crazy, and a LOT awesome.  And I wouldn't get by without 'em.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 25 - What I would find in your bag

  • Wallet
  • Two flavors of gum, always a fruity kind and a minty kind
  • iPhone earbuds... broken... got new ones today
  • Purple pen
  • Black pen
  • Regular strength Tylenol (no Extra-Strength for preggies!)
  • Lotion
  • 2 lipsticks, 2 lip balms, 1 lip gloss and 1 eyeliner
  • Keys
  • iPhone